Women Being Real – ONLINE ONLY EVENT!

This gathering provides a special opportunity for women to come together and share the burdens of Life, to receive unconditional love and support no matter the challenge or affliction.  The roles we play as wife, lover, mother, friend, co-worker often have us engaged in various forms of image management.  Tonight is about being real with our sisters, about contacting, owning and expressing often long lost parts of Self.

We explore experiences our souls have brought to us and seek to begin a process of authentic healing and redemption.  If tonight’s participants are interested, we may continue this group on a regularly scheduled basis.  This is a sacred container for women and requires each of us to honor privacy and confidentiality of the content of this group.

This group is facilitated by Mary Rust and Angela Reilly.

When:  Thursday, May 25, 2017 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm MDT (Mountain Daylight Time)


Questions and RSVP please to Mary Rust at 970-541-1625 or Angela Reilly at 970-238-0477 or via emailSign-up here!

No prerequisite is required.

Heart Center Healing and Meditation Workshop – ONLINE ONLY EVENT!

An awakened Heart Center is an essential component of authentic healing of body, mind, soul and spirit.  The Heart Center is inclusive and integrative.  It makes no comparisons, no judgments and requires no performance or competency.  It is the ultimate expression of Unconditional Love and allows us to consciously occupy our Soul in extraordinary ways.  Heart Center Meditation is the doorway to authentic holistic healing and our true Self.

•Learn how to more fully open your Heart Center and enter Presence, the real Power of Now
•Learn how an awakened Heart Center is essential for authentic healing to wholeness
•Learn about and experience Heart Center Meditation and its attributes of Compassion, Healing Presence, Innate Harmony and Unconditional Love
•Learn and experience how to engage, navigate, redeem and celebrate Life’s most difficult challenges

The practice of Heart Center Meditation also enables the ability to…

Experience the benefits of changing states of consciousness, an essential skill in learning to disidentify from our problems and worries and to connect to Self more deeply.

Be profoundly receptive and in accord with all that is, to be set free. No resistance.

When:  currently being schedule for June, 2017.  Details to follow!

Questions and RSVP please to Mary Rust at 970-541-1625 or Jon McIntosh at 970-292-6820 or via email

Come join us online for this very special opportunity to connect deeply!

No prerequisite necessary. Beginning meditators encouraged to attend.

Dream Meaning Workshop (and How Dreams Help Us Heal) – ONLINE ONLY EVENT!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung MD

Dreams are a privileged unveiling of your unconscious and the language of the Soul as messenger of Spirit.  Discover the meaning in this language and learn how dreams serve to balance and heal relationships, personal and work problems and health challenges.  You will learn…

•Why we dream and how dreams serve us
•The relationship between dreams and Psyche, Soul, Self, Shadow
•How dreams heal us
•Elements of dream interpretation

You will experience…
•Live “hands-on” dream work with your own dreams! (so please bring your dream journal or start one now!)
•Changing states of consciousness to engage your inner dream interpreter
•Expanded awareness of who and what You are

This Dream Meaning Workshop is for those who would like to learn how to interpret their own dreams and how dreams help us heal.  We will experience working with participants’ dreams so bring your dream journal if you have one!  No dreamwork experience necessary. (This is not a lucid dreaming workshop.)

When:  currently being schedule for June, 2017.  Details to follow!

Questions and RSVP please to Mary Rust at 970-541-1625 or Jon McIntosh at 970-292-6820 or via email

No prerequisite or dreamwork necessary.

Adventures in Consciousness I ONLINE – Introduction to shifting and expanding states of personal consciousness

Join me for online this six-week introductory journey into a deeper understanding and experience of who and what we are.  We will walk together with the Mysteries of Life and learn how aspects of power/powerlessness, competency/inadequacy, personal defenses, acute and chronic illness, accidents, instinctual energies, job loss, personal problems and relationship challenges all serve our soul’s unfoldment and provide an opportunity for healing.  You will be introduced to the four attributes of the Heart Center as an essential gateway into engaging deeper material, dreamwork as a privileged unveiling of the psyche, shadow work as an essential journey on the path to wholeness and humor as a way to enjoy all of it!

Not currently scheduled!