Crisis Counseling

Life crises can have a wide range of causes.  If you are experiencing any thoughts of suicide or of harming yourself or others it is necessary and required that you immediately seek help and call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.  If you have been recently harmed in any way whatsoever, seek help immediately and call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.  They will have access to the resources available to help you with your particular situation.  Remember, the physical and psychological safety of yourself and others always comes first and is best attended to by licensed professionals.  The crisis counseling services I offer are not a substitute for a suicide helpline, calling 911 or any medical or psychological care.

For those who are experiencing the aftermath of a crisis – those not in the acute stage of a crisis – crisis intervention, through consciousness work, dreamwork and mindfulness therapy, offers a way into deeper understanding of how and why the crisis serves our development.  Crisis may come into our lives to break up a set pattern and to serve as a form of course correction if we are able to get past the viewpoint of the ego of “that should have never happened”.  I have witnessed relationship breakups, job/career losses, accidents, catastrophic medical diagnoses and other crises which at the time of occurrence seemed to cause only pain and suffering.  Yet it is exactly these crises which often have a deeper service to our development and through consciousness work, shadow work, dreamwork and mindfulness therapy we explore and redeem these processes.  It is no mistake that for those who have experienced crises and subsequently engaged consciousness work, dream work and mindfulness therapy that they look back on the crisis event or events as groundbreaking, life renovating and essential to their deeper authentic healing.

Consciousness Work and Crisis Counseling 

A fundamental principle of this work is that we call in experiences requested by our soul in its service to individual and collective Life.  This principle is not to be misunderstood as “we cause our own crises” whereby we support an energy of self-attack and self-admonition.  We must move through the ego’s desire to appropriate crisis and describe an event as bad, wrong, or that it should not have ever happened or that we “caused” it.  This state of diminished consciousness imprisons us and leaves us alienated from both deeper aspects of Self as well as from an understanding of how the crisis provides us an opportunity to break up a set pattern.  If, through a crisis counselor, we open to, and allow integration of, the deeper wisdom available from crises, we can see the incredible opportunities life provides in an attempt to heal us.  We just have to learn to get through the powerful filters the ego applies in an attempt to maintain its power.  No small task for many of us!

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice which facilitates consciousness work by bringing the practitioner to the experience of the present or now moment.  The focus of one’s attention on the now moment enables a release from the entanglements of the past and future and their accompanying pain and suffering.  Mindfulness therapy helps open the gateway to the deeper Self and sets the stage for accessing, integrating and embracing more of who and what we are.

Mindfulness is a journey not a destination.  We practice mindfulness to honor the call of an interior life…when we seek a deeper experience than the day-to-day intensities of surface consciousness, when we seek to move through anxiety, depression, reactivity, fear of aging, fear of incompetence or inadequacy and other energies which fracture us.