Dreamwork is the practice of engaging and honoring dreams as valuable expressions of our unconscious patterns, processes and material.  As the mystic and teacher, W. Brugh Joy, MD, would say “dreams offer a privileged unveiling of the psyche”.

So why do we engage in dreamwork?  In my experience, working with the language of dreams this particular offers the unique opportunity to come into contact with the unconscious in ways that facilitate a deeper understanding of ourselves, of our psyche, our Soul.  Dreams offer opportunities for balance; for compensation to waking state events or circumstances; for consolation of difficult or traumatic experiences and to foretell future events and experiences in addition to other reasons.  Dreams can reveal the deepest parts of our unconscious selves and offer us the opportunity for profound insight and meaning not otherwise available to us.

Yet we must remember that dreams are not offered by the psyche for the purpose of interpretation or to be “worked” by us or others.  We are not required to attend to our dreams in any manner whatsoever.  There are schools of thought about dreams which believe that anything other than the restatement of a dream is a contamination of a sacred process.

Consciousness Work and Dreamwork

When we endeavor to learn more about ourselves by doing dreamwork we undertake a sacred journey rich in symbology and meaning.  In my work with clients, I integrate dreamwork to gain timely insight into the unconscious patterns, processes and material which inform and direct our waking-state reality.  I am always humbled by the beauty and wisdom dreams provide us.