1. Guidance for Healing

    Thank you for providing me exactly what you say – guidance for healing.  After years of working with teachers and gurus I grew tired of them being unable or unwilling to help me find me.  They often had their own unconscious agendas.  Your understated manner belies your great giftedness and I want you to know how appreciative I am of you.

    -Alexis W.
  2. Workshop was Amazing

    You’re recent Self-Healing Workshop was simply amazing!  So much great information I had never heard of.  I don’t know anyone (nor of any books) with such an incredible range of knowledge and experience with body, mind and soul. Thank you!

  3. More Understanding and Meaning

    I appreciate YOU so much Jon.  I had been searching for more understanding and meaning in my life through all my crises.  I am so grateful the universe brought us together.

    -Fiona L.
  4. Astounding Insight

    Astounding insight, and guidance.  I now have some great options for bettering myself. Time to heal. Thank you!

    -Tricia T.
  5. High Degree of Spiritual Knowledge

    I love coming across those rare people who are a wealth of information and hold a high degree of spiritual knowledge. Jon is one of those people; it really is a privilege to work with him and one that I recommend.

    -Holly D.
  6. Soul Whisperer

    A friend of mine asked me about my work with you and I found myself without words.  You have shown me places within that I never knew were there, that have been waiting to be discovered all my life, that have made my life richer and more joy-filled even through the pain and suffering.  I will always be grateful for my work with you.  I turned to my friend and expressed it the best I could…”he’s a soul whisperer”.

  7. Restoring Balance

    He knows what he talking about in restoring balance to life!

  8. Thankful

    I am so thankful to have found Jon.  I believe that working with him will be life changing.

    -Loretta R.
  9. Many Thanks

    In just one day Jon was able to provide me indepth knowledge and direction with a family issue I had been dealing with for years. Many thanks.

    -Renee I.
  10. Divinely Connected

    Jon is very much one who is divinely connected and gifted and sees through the veil of life. I look forward to more future sessions w/him. I am grateful for his generosity and wisdom.