Guidance Sessions

What does a “Guidance Session” look like?

Guidance Sessions, whether in-person or via telephone, draw upon the full range of my offerings including but not limited to consciousness work, shadow work, dream work and mindfulness training.  Every session is unique. Every person is unique. There is a wise saying that when you hold a hammer in your hand everything starts to look like a nail. Most traditional and alternative/complementary treatment seeks to apply a specific expertise or competence to reduce or eliminate symptoms be they physical as in chronic disease, or behavioral/emotional as in psychological health challenges. This leaves the underlying psycho-spiritual material unattended and unresolved, which prolongs the chronic nature of many of life’s challenges. This lack of resolution frequently leads to anxiety, depression, feeling lost, ineffective coping, crises creation, alienation from Self and at times suicidal thoughts.

I take great care to unveil the deeper fundamental processes which inform the disease or challenge/issue and to engage these processes as a profound ally for authentic healing. I draw upon symbol, intuition, dream work, channeled material, consciousness work, pattern recognition, intentionality and other guidance known and unknown.

I have clients with physical health and psychological health challenges who work with me regularly in-person or via telephone and other clients primarily focused on the journey of Self-discovery and personal growth.  Some clients “touch in” to a specific problem or challenge, address that over a few guidance sessions and then move on. Some of these same clients return later to do deeper work in their own timing.

You can expect the following in any work you do with me…

  • Unconditional positive regard and respect for you and your unique life circumstances
  • Compassion and understanding
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Strategies, tactics, methods, tips, tools and tricks to begin and maintain a process of authentic healing

Zoom/FaceTime/Skype Sessions

Many years ago I used to think that this work could only be done in-person. Then client referrals from out-of-town began contacting me for Skype sessions and I recognized the value of connecting with people wherever they felt most comfortable. This comfort and convenience contributes to both an opening to the deeper work and an ease of access. Arrangements can be made for in-person sessions. I feel particularly called to be available to those clients who seek to do this work but who are not local, who may live in rural areas where such services are not available.

Most of my sessions are conducted using Zoom or FaceTime or Skype. If your only option is a cellular/landline connection we can give that a try yet if Zoom or Skype or FaceTime can be used that is preferred.

Initial and Ongoing Session Work
The fee for Individual Private Sessions via Zoom, FaceTime or telephone is $130.00 per 50 minute session or $145.00 per 50 minute session in-person at my office.  The rate for couples and dyads (parents/children over 18, siblings, friends, co-workers) is $170.00 per 50 minute session or $185.00 per 50 minute session in-person at my office. Our sessions together are attentive to the conscious and unconscious aspects of body, mind, soul and spirit as well as orientations, methods, approaches and offerings which support the healing process.

Payment is due at time of service. Venmo/PayPal is preferred check and cash are accepted. My services are not eligible for insurance reimbursement.