Depth Psychology

The term “Depth Psychology” can be used to describe theories and therapies that explore the relationship between the unconscious and the conscious.  Freud, Janet, James and Jung were four of the pioneers in this work though the term was coined by Eugen Bleuler, MD to refer to psychoanalytic approaches to therapy and research that take the unconscious into account.

My experience with depth psychology is primarily through the teachings of Analytical Psychologist Carl Jung, MD and Archetypal Psychologist James Hillman, PhD and the interpretation of their work by W. Brugh Joy, MD. I was originally attracted to these teachings as they looked beneath behavioral and cognitive processes and provided levels of understanding and meaning not available in other schools of thought. The idea that the unconscious informs life in profound and myriad ways; that alienation from psyche, soul and self precipitates much of the suffering we experience as physical (disease) and psychological/behavioral conditions is foundational to the Consciousness Work, Shadow Work and Dreamwork that I offer to clients.

Consciousness Work and Depth Psychology

The Consciousness Work and Healing Work that I offer to clients includes Depth Psychology as the awareness and appreciation of how the unconscious also informs and directs our waking state experiences of Life.  This is often dramatically witnessed in the occurrence of accidents and unexpected life events, crises and the manifestation of disease or illness.  Through Consciousness Work, Shadow Work and Dream Work we catch a glimpse of the underlying unconscious processes which manifest as unwanted events or circumstances, often oblivious to how such events or circumstances are of service to our growth and development.  And with this glimpse we begin the journey of bringing that which is unconscious to our conscious awareness, a most essential breakthrough in the process of holistic and authentic healing.