1. Genuine Healing

    I’ve been working with Jon for over 6 months and it’s not only led to new insights and positive personal changes, but most importantly, genuine healing.  When I began working with Jon, I was at a point in my life where I was going to explode, and what I needed was a tremendous amount of Guidance for Healing.  And that’s exactly what I’m getting.  I knew that I needed to talk to someone, and also knew that I needed and wanted someone who wasn’t a “traditional therapist”, but someone who understands how the mind, body and soul all need to be attended to.

    Best of all, his demeanor is excellent: great listener, insightful feedback, professional, empathetic, intuitive, and real.

    Thank you, Jon.  I’ve needed you for a long time.  And I’m so grateful for all you’ve helped and continue to help me with.

    -Vanessa M (from Google reviews)
  2. Life Changing

    Jon’s guidance in my life has been life changing! I have been working with him for over 6 months now and will continue on a weekly basis. His knowledge of conscious living and dream analysis has helped me to heal myself and live a better life.
    He is non judgmental and listens to every concern with love and respect. With his help I have gained more self confidence and knowledge of myself.
    He has helped me with my fears and anxieties associated with my divorce and has helped me to work through new relationships as well.
    Jon is a kind man and I believe has found his true calling.
    Thank you Jon!

    -James Harmon (from Google reviews)
  3. Excellent Guidance

    I’ve consulted with Jon on several occasions and he always has all the right answers for me. I highly recommend Jon as he provides excellent guidance through very challenging life experiences and definitely has a deep knowledge of the subjects that we talk about.

    -Sebastian Jara (from Google reviews)
  4. Compassionate

    Jon has helped me though some very difficult life issues. He’s compassionately turned me back to myself which is a trait of the best teachers. His counseling and depth therapy work has been extremely helpful over the years and I will continue to work with him and refer him to friends and family who also share my deep appreciation.

    -Randy Schroeder (from Google reviews)
  5. Counseling by Phone

    Thank you Jon for your guidance through a very dark time of my life.  I didn’t think counseling over the phone could work but now I see that it is of great benefit.  Your compassion and empathy, your ability to connect at very deep levels is amazing.  Thank you.

    -Jessica S.
  6. Extremely Helpful

    Jon’s guidance has been extremely helpful over the years, and I will continue to work with him and refer him to friends and family.

    -Patrick T.
  7. Valued Guide

    Jon has been a most valued guide and navigator as I have moved through my personal and professional life.
    -Valerie F.
  8. Life Changing

    You have forever changed my life and I deeply appreciate that.

    -Mark P.
  9. Gave Me My Voice Back

    You gave me my voice back, the one I had been suppressing for years and I believe it is because you continually open my eyes and my heart.

    -Jenny W.
  10. Deepest Gratitude

    I would like to express my deepest Gratitude for your presence in my Life.  Thank you for your help, unconditional love and generous spirit over the past two years.

    -Mary M.