March 29


How Breathing is Imperative to Healing

By Rakibul

March 29, 2024

It’s an activity that you engage in every minute of every hour of every day – yet you give little to almost no thought to it at all. In fact, it is estimated that if you live to 80 years old, you’ll do it about 672,768,000 times and yet you’re still likely to be doing it wrong.

Where breathing is an automatic response and action of the nervous system, it is an accepted fact that most people are performing the action in the wrong manner. Most people use what is called upper chest breathing almost constantly. This type reduces the efficiency at which our lungs and respiratory system works. Shallow breathing leads to less blood flow and causes fluids of the lymph system to be distributed in a less productive manner. Digestion is also affected by shallow breathing as digestive juices are slowed and other bodily functions also are weakened by the lack of oxygen.

Deep breathing, also called diaphragmatic breathing, uses more of the abdomen rather than the chest. Deep breathing helps one to relax as blood capillaries expand to more effective levels; allowing more oxygen to be delivered to vital organs and to areas where healing is required. Your entire lungs are utilized when proper abdominal breathing is performed and use of all the body’s nervous system’s functions are increased.

By focusing on the way you actually breathe and practicing the change to abdominal breathing, you can actually bring about bodily changes that promote overall wellness. Convinced that the body is capable of finding means of healing itself from within, Jon McIntosh has spent decades learning and familiarizing himself in the ways of authentic healing. By incorporating breathing techniques within his guidance sessions, Jon believes that through his comprehensive online therapy sessions, many can experience true self-healing benefits. Find out more about how to engage your body’s self-healing abilities by scheduling your guidance sessions with Jon at 866-256-0951.


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