March 29


Taking Authentic Healing into Your Own Hands

By Rakibul

March 29, 2024

It was at the point that Joni could barely drag herself from her bed in the morning that she decided that she needed to do something about her pain. Unable to get a true diagnosis from her family doctor, Joni was both frustrated and emotionally drained from her symptoms; which seemed to range from mild to severe from day to day. After changing her focus from looking outside for answers to seeking clues within herself, Joni was able to find new avenues to overall well-being. Though her path to optimal health included changes in diet and incorporated elements of meditation and exercise and positive thinking, it was some very simple steps with which Joni began her journey. These steps can be easily adapted into most of our life’s and though they seem small, they can make huge differences in how we see our world, how we feel within our space and how we ultimately feel physically, emotionally and mentally. Try these five easy steps to making the first changes in your daily lives and begin your new path to wellness:

  1. With proper posture, sit in a comfortable position and simply breathe. Try not to even change the cadence or depth of your breathing at first, just pay attention to it and to it only.
  2. Place you palms together and rub them together. Feel the warmth that is generated from the friction as you continue to rub them together for 30 to 60 seconds.
  3. Smile. Smiling automatically sends pleasure signals to the brain, improving your mood almost immediately.
  4. Hold your hands apart from each other and let the energy flow between them. Tune into only this energy, becoming aware of nothing else. Continue to smile.
  5. Close your eyes and envision the energy move up your arms and into the rest of your body. This may take some time and practice but the intent is to move energy into the area of the body that you need the extra attention and flow of positive energy. There is no wrong way to do this. Take your time and remember to keep smiling.
  6. Try moving this energy source to different points within your body. Focus on how it feels when it reaches to certain areas, noticing only the positive aspects and allow it to work the area. Remember to continue to keep smiling, adding to the pleasure of the experience.

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